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Post 2 with its UNIQUE title

The UNIQUE Post 2 subtitle

The UNIQUE description for Post 2.

October 25, 2018
Last modified June 13, 2020

Note: Maybe you have a note here about why you updated the post, for example. In that case, this yellowBox CSS/SCSS class is useful.

Your opening text goes here.

In-article heading — it’s an H2 because your title is the H1

And after another paragraph or two or three, you may want to add a subheading, which would be an H3, so it would be like the following.

Subheading (H3)

Text here.

And here’s an example of how to use the imgc shortcode in /templates/shortcodes:

Image from Apple Web site in 1999 showing graphic elements as text

Closing text. That ends Post 2!

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