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September 14, 2018
Last modified April 22, 2020

A few words about you. Your opening text goes here.1

In-article heading — it’s an H2 because your title is the H1

And after another paragraph or two or three, you may want to add a subheading, which would be an H3, so it would be like the following.2

Subheading (H3)

Text here.

Closing text. That ends your “About” item!


This is how a footnote works. Please note that Zola does not automatically put your footnotes at the bottom of your page, as many other static site generators do; so you must manually place your footnotes, in the desired order, at the bottom of your Markdown. This is because Zola uses CommonMark via the pulldown-cmark parser library (see


This is a second footnote.